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BOD Printer Cart

​Ballot On Demand (BOD) Printer Cart

Your storage and deployment solution !

Unique is a benchmark of ReadyVote. Patent pending.  BOD printer and associated precinct supplies can be fully deployed in minutes!

Ballot Box Cart



ReadyVote Product List


- Voting Booths

- Quad Express

- Ballot Box Cart

- AutoCart

- Ballot on Demand Printer Cart

- Precinct Storage & Transport cart 

Voting Booths

Quad Express

Quality, convenience, and ease of use of the BOD cart are other benchmarks of all ReadyVote products. The powder coated steel frame and sturdy casters, coupled with a revolutionary folding system, eliminates the need for any poll site assembly.   The BOD cart saves time and energy. It  provides convenience for the poll worker as well as warehouse personnel.  The flow from the warehouse to poll site, use at the poll site and return becomes seamless. 

The ReadyVote BOD cart is designed to move without effort on six inch casters; the wheels are easily locked while in use. Accessibility is maintained by the unique design of the carriage assembly that supports and protects the BOD printer. 

With all the differences between the manufacturers of election equipment storage and deployment systems, it takes a leader in the industry to have the foresight to adapt their products for the wide variety of current and future equipment in the industry. The decision to store, protect and deploy your valuable election equipment safely and efficiently becomes easy. Look to ReadyVote to save time and money for your staff and enhance the voting experience for the Voter