Available in four sizes and three models, the Dandux Industrial Strength Tilt Truck saves time, effort, and money when moving bulk items is needed.  These trucks are perfect for the collection and movement of trash, parts, wood or metal chips, bulk powders, bulk solids, slurries, food products, and much more!

The large capacity body has an ergonomically designed slanted front for ease of dumping.  The body is roto-molded as a one-piece seamless unit from high-quality polyethylene resin.  The frames are constructed from rust-resistant powder coated tubular steel for extreme strength and durability.  High-quality wheels and casters are varied based on the size and model selection.

An optional one piece hinged cover is available to meet sanitary requirements.  This option permits the operator to fill one end of the truck at a time without removing the entire cover!

The standard color is gray with blue, red, green, yellow, white, natural, or custom blended colors are available upon request for easy identification for color coding departmental usage, infection control and/or institutional recognition..

Standard Duty Mode​l:  Metal Frame base with Push bar and front, back and upper lip reinforcement.

Heavy Duty:  Metal Frame base with push bar, front, back, upper lip, and slid girth reinforcement.

Poly TILT Trucks

Complementary Products and Accessories

Part Number:  52-1000 / 2000 / 2500 /  3000


Optional Accessories

Hanger Bars / Hinged Cover / Replacement Liner / Push Bar / Tow Package / Fork Pockets / Replacement Parts

Replacement casters 

An original product that we've been making the same way for close to 100 years.  Originally use to haul coal for furnaces these heavy duty cotton bags are now used for everything from trail maintenance to laundry hauling.  

platform Spring Lifts

An ergonomic and  efficient means to keep basket contents within easy reach.  Minimize bending and lifting.  Easily retrofitted to existing baskets.  As more items are added the springs extend allowing more to be added.

Sanitary caps and liners ( 40-87 , 40-85 )

Add a sanitary cap to help keep product clean and dust free.  Elastic hem allows easy install and removal.  Sizes to fit all Dandux baskets and Trucks. 


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Replacement liners ( 400065 )

Make your existing basket look like new with an easily installed replacement Dandux liner.  Either leave the existing body in place or cut away for a completely good as new look.