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​​​​C.R. Daniels, Inc.Industrial US Manufacturing

Part Number:  51-1401 / 1801 / 2201 / 2301 /  2401/ 2402 / 2601 / 2701 / 2801

Replacement liners ( 400065 )

Make your existing basket look like new with an easily installed replacement Dandux liner.  Either leave the existing body in place or cut away for a completely good as new look.


platform Spring Lifts

An ergonomic and  efficient means to keep basket contents within easy reach.  Minimize bending and lifting.  Easily retrofitted to existing baskets.  As more items are added the springs extend allowing more to be added.

Optional Accessories

Hanger Bars / Push Bar / Handlolds / Dust Covers / Card Holders / Wheel Brakes / Swivel Locks

Complementary Products and Accessories

Poly Shelf Trucks

Sanitary caps and liners ( 40-87 , 40-85 )

Add a sanitary cap to help keep product clean and dust free.  Elastic hem allows easy install and removal.  Sizes to fit all Dandux baskets and Trucks. 

Replacement casters 

An original product that we've been making the same way for close to 100 years.  Originally use to haul coal for furnaces these heavy duty cotton bags are now used for everything from trail maintenance to laundry hauling.  

Enjoy the best of both worlds with the Dandux Poly Shelf Truck, specifically designed for double duty!  The unique design permits the truck to be used as a shelf truck or convert the shelves into a fourth wall to create a bulk truck!  Known in the market as the "Round Tripper" or "Turn Around Truck."  

Compared to smaller trucks, the Poly Bulk Shelf Truck gives greater capacity per unit of floor space, and greater payload per trip.  These two benefits, plus double duty add up to a substantial increase in productivity.

Roto-molded from high-quality polyethylene resin, Dandux Poly Bulk Shelf Trucks are rugged, tough, and virtually indestructible.  The smooth, seamless body comes in an array of colors (yellow, red, green, blue, gray and natural) to match your decor or facilitate color-code identification; custom colors are also available with minimum quantities required. It even features drain holes for easy cleaning and sanitation when necessarily. 

The base is constructed of powder coated reinforced tubular steel that provides superior strength, compared to traditional pan or plastic base models.  Four (4) six-inch casters are bolted to welded caster plates, providing added strength and stability.  The caster patterns available are Style 20 and Style 60​. 

In addition to the basic truck, the Poly Bulk Shelf Truck is available with a security closure system. The system includes a split top, two front doors with hasp for padlocking.  Both top and front are made of tough metal-reinforced white plastic.  

The prime benefit of the Dandux Poly Bulk Shelf Truck is its ability to do double duty.  As a shelf truck, you get 2 jumbo spaces for your product.  In less time than it takes to push the truck down the hall, the shelves swing down in front to make a bulk truck with the ability to hold virtually any product!