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​​​​C.R. Daniels, Inc.Industrial US Manufacturing

Dandux Poly Box Tricks are rectangular in shape, optimizing usable cube space. and making it east to stack boxes, packages, folded linens, towels, and much more.  The truck nests approximately 1/3 of their depth when empty, conserving expensive floor space and reducing shipping costs upon return.

Dandux Poly Box Trucks are r​oto-molded from high-quality polyethylene resin and designed with broad, flat, vertical sides and our unique double wall upper flange that minimizes impact when contacting with walls and doors.  There's no box truck on the market more functional and more durable!

The base can be either powder-coated reinforced tubular steel that provides stability and strength. or economical plywood.   Casters with thread guards are mounted in Pattern 20 or Pattern 60.  Optional Pattern 80 is available upon request (see caster patterns here​).

Sanitary caps and liners ( 40-87 , 40-85 )

Add a sanitary cap to help keep product clean and dust free.  Elastic hem allows easy install and removal.  Sizes to fit all Dandux baskets and Trucks. 

Part Number:  51-1600

Poly Box Trucks

Replacement casters 

An original product that we've been making the same way for close to 100 years.  Originally use to haul coal for furnaces these heavy duty cotton bags are now used for everything from trail maintenance to laundry hauling.  

Complementary Products and Accessories

Fork Pocket Box Truck (511608)

The 1608 features full double wall construction and internal fork pockets.  Makes dumping easy with rotating forks