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Lyme disease and other tick-borne illnesses are a major health concern in many parts of the country. For the past 15 years, C.R. Daniels, Inc. has been the manufacturer of the USDA developed, 4-Poster Deer Treatment System. It is a most effective method that deals with tick control in an environment where deer are present.  Deer are the largest host animal for adult ticks. By treating deer, the adult ticks are systematically eliminated preventing future generations of ticks. This system is environmentally friendly without ​​contamination of either water, ground or air.

The base station is a feeder with a center storage bin surrounded on two sides with a trough. Each trough had two posts, which hold applicator rollers containing Tickicide, special pesticide blend that is the only one allowed for use in this application by the EPA. Two posts on each side, hencethe 4-Poster.                                      ​

​As deer feed on corn, which is gravity fed from the center storage bin into the troughs, their ears and neck rub against the Tickicide doused rollers. As in most animals, the head a neck region is a prime spot for ticks as they are out of reach for the deer. The deer also spread the substance as they groom each other.  Tickicide is safe for the environment, and even if the deer are harvested, the meat is free from the pesticide. Hunters are encouraged to wear gloves during that process as not to spread the topical pesticide in to inner area.

The 4-Poster's gravity feed is designed to only fill the bottom of the troughs with corn. Thereby, the deeper the deer has so dig for the feed, the more contact is made, resulting in more coverage.

Tick eradication rates of 90+% have been reached in studies. Optimum rates are reached after 3 years of deployment, as most ticks have a 3 year life cycle.  One 4-Poster System covers at minimum 40 acres and as much as 70-100 acres in certain situations. Everything you need, except the corn, can be purchased through C.R. Daniels.

Please check your individual state laws for any restrictions. For more information, pricing or to purchase, please either email Andy Szulinski at or call 800-933-2638, extension 481.


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