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Corner Feeder

Loadumpers can be found in lawn and garden centers, nursaries, as well as garages and backyard sheds across the country!  A perfect tool for the landscape professional or enthusiast who wants a high-quality and durable piece of equipment to make their hauling jobs easier.  The Loadumper is revolutionary in its multifunctional design to replace other wheelbarrows and carts!  With no-lift and stress-free haul and easy dumping application, the Loadumper is sure to save you time ​on any job.  The Loadumper is made with a heavy duty, non-corrosive polyethylene tub; powder coated, rust resistant, steel tube chassis; and 2-ply pneumatic tires on the 6 and 8  for extra smooth ride.  Available in   4-   6-   and 8-cubic foot models.