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Outlift trucks 

Shipping Hampers (40-200)

Elevated Baskets & Trucks (40-130)

Same quality features as our Extra Duty basket but elevated to put contents within easy reach.  Perfect for many applications from sewing rooms to laundries to warehouse picking.   

Fabric Baskets, Hampers & Trucks

​( Fabric bodied,  steel frame )

Net Holders ( 40-8431 / 40-8426 )

Custom  Products

Specialized Multipurpose Trucks

Dandux offers an extensive line of canvas baskets, hampers, and trucks. Styles include extra duty (sewn on liner), frame trucks (lace on liner), net & bag holder storing system, wood top shipping hampers, extra heavy postal specification trucks, and a variety of shapes and sizes to meet your needs.  Available in plain white canvas or yellow glosstex, lace on liners available in six optional colors.  ​

These high-quality containers are used in laundries, hospitals, textile mills, garment plants, and through out the hospitality industry.  A Dandux basket, hamper, or truck increases your productivity and makes your operation more efficient.

The quality of workmanship of our fabric hand truck starts with out frame construction.  We use high tensile spring steel electroweld to give additional strength and rigidity.  Selected kiln-dried hardwood runners are attached to the steel frame.  Heavy duty canvas or GLOSSTEX​ fabric is added to complete the rugged, cost effective Dandux basket or truck you demand.


A favorite of large mailing houses and recyclers these trucks are built to the original USPS Specs.  Extreme duty Casters and heavy weight canvas liners make these units excellent for many uses.


​​​​C.R. Daniels, Inc.Industrial US Manufacturing

Frame  Trucks (40-111)

Extra Duty Baskets & Trucks (400100)

Our original fabric baskets, trucks and shipping hampers.  Made with fabric bodies, welded spring steel frame, plated undercarriage, hardwood runners.  Various sizes and styles.  Multiple uses.