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​​​​C.R. Daniels, Inc.Industrial US Manufacturing

​Dyed Duck

Stock colors in #8, #10, or 10oz duck.
​Custom dying and finishing also available

Since early in our company history, C.R. Daniels, Inc. has provided artists with the quality and consistency they demand of their canvas.   Hobbiests, discriminating amatures, professional artists, and everyone in between rely on Dandux Artist Canvas to start their masterpiece.   We enjoy working with a wide range of clients including individual artists, supply stores and warehouses, stuidios and galleries, and university art and theatre departments across the county. 
The diverse options of materials ensure that we can provide a product that meets your needs.  We offer duck in cotton, blend and polyester, as well as linen products in a variety of weaves, finishes, and textures.  Products can be used standard or stretched for frames. 

Whether a fine portrait or a scenery backdrop for a stage​ production, we have the canvas that is right for you, your project and your budget. 



Industrial Fabric

Number Duck, Ounce Duck, Glosstex

Woven Belting

Contract Sewing